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Mind & Body Calm Tea Blend

Mind & Body Calm Tea Blend

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Mind & Body Calm Tisane is a calming and soothing blend of chamomile, lavender, and rosebuds & petals, and green tea. This blend does NOT induce sleep. It helps to calm the mind and body so that rest comes much easier. If you prefer a blend without green tea please see our listing for Mind & Body Calm Tisane.

Green tea contains L-Theanine which research has shown is useful in helping to elevate mood, increase focus and help to calm the body and mind.

Ingredients: organic chamomile flowers, organic lavender buds, organic rosebuds & petals, organic green tea.

Brewing instructions: 1 tsp / 8 oz water / 212°F / 5-8 minutes

Double the amount of tea leaves for iced tea

Teas are packaged in resealable, biodegradable rice bags. Tins may be available for purchase separately.

Available Sizes: 2 oz (57g)

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